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The Month of Taurus, 2012

Expert Author Sharita Star

The Zodiac Month Ahead Growing Our Roots

What we can all expect from the forecast of our Zodiac skies, 19 April to 20 May.


"It must be kept in mind that Taurus is a sign of great reserve and retention, deep-rooted in the past. Taureans are fixed in purpose and plodding, possessing for the most part more endurance and a stronger body than individuals in other signs of the Zodiac. Being practical, and embodying the drive of silent determination and great perseverance, Taureans make concrete the energies of the earth. Their forte is endurance; their vice is obstinacy."~John Jocelyn

Sun enters Taurus 19 April

As all Organized Signs promise, we now get "fixed" into the present season at hand. With the element of earth in this state, the roots of life become ever firmly planted as the heart listens to the request of this collective call. With the conscious aim of The Bull to bring forth security, the focus here turns to that of which we value, and what is of genuine worth within our lives. Embracing opportunities to establish, build and stabilize distinctly mark this passage to bring forth our patient and determined natures to unfold.

New Moon in Taurus 21 April

We find this to be the first time in 2012 where all inner planet energies are in forward motion agreement to invite a true sense of conservative, contented and resourceful new beginnings into our lives. Deep, sensuous and intuitive feelings are able to take flight- wherein by tapping into a rich and persistent instinct, we can imagine our roots penetrating into solid ground as gathering up initiations in the life is favored throughout 05 May. This is the last New Moon while Jupiter is still finishing up its' journey with The Bull, so expect some true growth to emerge here in ease.

Mercury enters Taurus 09 May

After all the excitement our Messenger pioneered within Aries, now it is time to slow the mental pace down and get serious into conventional, diplomatic and constructive methods of expression. Ideas come in limited capacities, in where, they are more pleased by deliberate and well-drilled concentration verses inspiration and spontaneity. Again, honing in on intuition grants the patient voice of Taurus to speak with the innate wisdom necessary to let the collective think in stability.

Venus goes Retrograde in Gemini 15 May

We last saw our planet of harmony and balance take up in review in Scorpio back in October of 2010. Now, she asks for our ultimate reflection where The Twins unite all communications within our Zodiac sky. While Venus in Retrograde is naturally pleased when we re-examine our relationships, finances and artistic pleasures- this passage will enjoy the intellectual process to do so. As collective affections may seem more superficial than spontaneous, remaining good-humored allows the sympathetic energy to clearly come through. Steer clear of luxury purchases, beauty enhancements and moving money with the intention of increasing it; rather be on the look out for ideal bargains and ways to reassess value in this area of the life until 27 June.

As Taurus patiently grows our true voice ringing in the sounds of value from the HEART, it roots our cores in security of what truly matters most: unlocking solid stability for the future upon our EARTH.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. A Psychic of the Planets, she is available for all levels of astrological, numerological and lexigram analysis through readings, classes and party services. While residing between New York City and Chatham, NY, her first book, 'It's All In The Name' is now available for purchase form Amazon, Steiner Books and various retailers. Sharita's radio show, 'What's Your Sign? I Have Your Number!' is heard on WBCR-LP, 97.7FM, Great Barrington and the worldwide web. Please visit:

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