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2 Easy Ways to Make $75,000 Online THIS Year (100% Online)

Expert Author Ian Ross Hollander

How would your life be different if you could earn what you are TRULY worth from working from home.....or from wherever in the world you wanted?
What if you could finally stop chasing the next, best, latest or greatest thing and could settle into a consistent, reliable and rewarding business you could grow around your own skills?
What if you could truly contribute to your local community, and create genuine value for people and professionals who truly appreciated your expertise?
The truth is... you CAN. (and the good news is, you can start whenever you are ready)
With that in mind, I want to share 2 very simple strategies you can use to grow your business to heights you probably DON'T believe are possible right now, using very simple marketing methods that work in just about every niche under the sun. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below:
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I truly believe that this is the easiest way to create real value online and all you need to make it work is a good local domain name, a nice looking blog, a little bit of unique content and an interested audience. The truth is, you can PROACTIVELY build simple websites and blogs in your local community that have real perceived value and sell them, as is, to professional people who need a cost effective, turn key web solution. Believe it or not, $500-$997 is a VERY attractive price point for most existing businesses, and you can build the sort of site that will command that sort of entry level investment in under 72 hours. (I can do it in under a day)
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Very simply, you take the idea above, and offer BACK end offers, incentives, s and additional services to add profit (and user value) to the sites you sell. For example? Content creation, SEO, blog building, newsletter creation, social media marketing, web hosting, coaching and NAME it, you can offer it. The truth is, you can quickly and easily turn a $497 web site sale into a $2000 transaction, simply by offering a $120 a month SEO offer. (which is SUPER inexpensive, and well below the going industry rate as well....and offer TREMENDOUS value to your clients and customers as a result)
When you combine a sale, with a simple service offer follow up, as outlined above.....getting to $75K (or a lot more) is not difficult to do, and only requires 5-7 new clients a month, even if you are selling low end sites and services.
The best part? This works amazingly well as a supplemental source of income for teachers, trainers, coaches and consultants as well!
How so?
Even if you don't want to necessarily be an online marketing "guru" (which the above process will certainly facilitate, especially in your local community) you can help OTHER people in your niche of choice build a profitable web business in their own area of expertise using the above approach. For example - if you are a yoga teacher, and teaching other students who also want to "teach", you can use the principles above to offer valuable MARKETING tips and techniques for folks who will need to sell themselves, once certified.
There are so many easy and ETHICAL ways to build a brand new business from scratch, make a genuine contribution, share your gifts and offer REAL value to the world around you at the very same time. (No gurus.....or gimmicks, required)
Want the SECRET to earning 4 figures in ONE Day WITHOUT Tricks, Gimmicks or Guru's? Click HERE and I'll give it to you 100% Free!
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